Instrumentation and Control Cable

Conductor Tinned Flexible Cu Class 5
Insulation LSZH special compound reticulated (neutral color)
Outer sheath LSZH special compound reticulated (colors: red and black)
Printing Eca – IEMMEQU – <HAR>  H1Z2Z2-K  – [ORDER n. – YY/WW] 001m
Electrical and Mechanical Properties
Nominal Voltage 1000V (AC)  / 1500V (DC)
Test Voltage 6500V (AC)
Maximum Voltage 1200V (AC) / 1800V (DC anche verso Terra)
Maximum Operating Temperature +90°C / +120°C sul conduttore
Maximum Short Circuit Temperature +250°C/5s
Maximum Operating Temperature (without mechanical shocks) -40°C
Minimum installation and use Temperature -40°C  / +90°C
Minimum Bending radious (per diameter) > 20mm
Maximum Pulling Stress 15N/mm²
These cables are suitable for fixed outside installation ( direct and undirect buried lay) or for indoor installation without any protections or inside pipes.

The cables are Hozone resistant according to EN50396. UV Resistant according to HD605/A1. Water resistant ADS according to CEI EN 50525-2-21.

They are tested for durability (more than 25 years) according to EN60216.

CEI EN 50618 – EN 50575:2014 + EN 50575/A1:2016
Smart Code Internal Item Nr Section mm² Diameter mm. Weight Kg/Km
SU-04N SUHFSN0040FXNEB05 1×4,00 6.60 58.20
SU-04R SUHFSN0040FXROB05 1×4,00 6.60 58.20
SU-06N SUHFSN0060FXNEB05 1×6.00 7.40 79.40
SU-06R SUHFSN0060FXROB05 1×6.00 7.40 79.40

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