Cables and rules of Construction Products Regulation (CPR UE 305/100)

Dear Customer,

Starting from 01/07/2017 there is the new CPR regulations (Construction Products Regulation) and so all products must follow the EN 50575 rule. The aim of CPR is to guarantee the free circulation of construction’s products inside UE Zone by defining the performances, characteristics and markings);

So are giving you here below some indications which can help you to understand better this rule and which products and operators are involved in it:

What is CPR regulation?:

  • It’s a European rule which establishes the basis requirements and main harmonized characteristics for all products which are produced to be installed permanently in civil engineering plants.



  • Guarantee the free circulation in the UE of construction’s products and defend the market from not compliant cables;

Which products are involved:

  • Any product which is introduced in the market ready to be installed permanently in construction’s plants (for example: window fixtures, doors, cables etc..)

Which operators are involved:


  • All people included in the commercial chain: producer- agent – distributor – importer – and also the professional figures and Authorities of the States member of UE;

What does the CPR rule impose? (for cables):

  • National Classification Criteria for construction’s cables (see Table CEI UNEL 35016, ref: all. n.1) ;
  • CE Marking compulsory;
  • New mandatory documents, such as DoP (Declaration of Performance), AVCP (System of evaluation and control of performances’ perseverance).