Videointercom Cable LSZH

Security Alarm cable


Conductor Flexible Bare Cu class 5
Insulation LSZH
Outer Sheath LSZH Green RAL 6018
Printing ECS-CAVO VIDEOCITOFONICO LSZH 1X2X1.00 CEI UNEL 36762-C-4 (Uo=400v) WW/YY Eca
Electrical properties
Nominal Voltage 300/500V
Test Voltage 4000V
Operating Temperature -10°C +70°C
Min. Bending radius 10 x diam. est.
CEI 20-29 IEC 60228 CEI 20-11 CEI 20-35 IEC 60332-1-2 CEI 20-22 II IEC 60332-3 CEI UNEL 36762 CEI 20-20/12/1-2-3
Twisting step 60mm (n.16 spires/m); suitable for indoor and outdoor lay (in channels).
Smart Code Item nr. Section mm² Diameter mm. Weight Kg/Km
VH-210 /M100 VCHFRN0210FXVEM01 1x2x1,00 5.60 40.00
VH-210 /B500 VCHFRN0210FXVEB05 1x2x1,00 5.60 40.00


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