Composite cable MINICOAX HD+power

Composite Cables TVCC

Coax cable construction
Conductor Bare Cu 0.41 ±0.01mm
Dielectric FOAMED PE 1.95 ±0.10mm
First shield Al/PET/Al
Second shield Tinned Cu braid 62%
Sheath LSZH Blue RAL5015 Diam 3.50 ±0.10mm
Coax cable electrical properties
Conductor resistance <320.0 Ω/km a 20°C
Standard impedance <75.0 ±3Ω
Capacitance <56.0 ±3.0pF/m
SRL dB 30-470 MHz >28470-862 MHz >23
Screen effect dB 100-900 MHz >85
Min bending radius 10 x ext.diam.
Signal trasmission CVBS: 400mHD-SDI: 70m
Power construction
Conductor Flexible bare Cu class 5
Insulation PVC TI1 quality
Outer sheath
Type PVC white
Printing ECS – MINICOAX HD 75Ohm+2x [sez] mm2 CEI UNEL 36762 C-4 Uo=400V. WW/YY [ORD NR] 001m Eca
Smart code Item number Section Diameter mm. Weight Kg/Km Min bending radius
CO-N25 COPVMIHD0250BIM01 MINICOAX HD+2X0,50 6,7 62.00 10xExt.Diam.
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