Conductor Tinned copper wire, diametr 0,6mm
Insulation PVC
Layer Not hygroscopic material, assembled in layers
Tape Al/PET  tape+ drain wire
Sheath PVC + cutting sheath wire (from 5 elements)
Printing Eca [] CEI 20-22 II, CEI 20-37/I
Electrical properties
Test voltage 1,5 kV
Max mutual capacitance at 800Hz 120 nF/Km
Capacitance range 400 pF/500m
Max CC Ring resistance 67,9Ω a 20°C
According to the standard BT 2014/35/UE, CEI 46-5
According to his estinguish features and his low corrosive action, we advise the installation in civil and industrial buildings and in telephone switchboards
Smart code Item number Section Diameter mm. Weight Kg/Km
TS-016 TEPVSS01CPXXGRM0M 1x2x0,6 5.30 25.00
TS-T16 TEPVSS01CPTEGRM0M 1x2x0,6+T 5,50 30.00
TS-026 TEPVSS02CPXXGRM0M 2x2x0,6 6,00 35.00
TS-T26 TEPVSS02CPTEGRM0M 2x2x0,6+T 6.50 40.00
TS-036 TEPVSS03CPXXGRM0M 3x2x0,6 7.00 50.00
TS-046 TEPVSS04CPXXGRM0M 4x2x0,6 7,00 55.00
TS-056 TEPVSS05CPXXGRM0M 5x2x0,6 7.50 65.00
TS-066 TEPVSS06CPXXGRM0M 6x2x0.6 8,00 75.00
TS-086 TEPVSS08CPXXGRM0M 8x2x0.6 8.50 90.00
TS-116 TEPVSS11CPXXGRM0M 11x2x0.6 10,50 125.00
} The details expressed above have to be considered as an indication.
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