Unshield Alarm Cable CCA

Security Alarm cable

Conductor Flexible Cu clad alluminium
Insulation PVC, CEI EN 50363
Sheath PVC bianco RAL9003, CEI EN 50363
printing ECS -UNSHIELD- ALARM CABLE CE ORDER NR WW/YY CEI UNEL 36762 C-4 (Uo=400V) 001M – Eca
Electrical properties
Nominal voltage Uo/U=300/500V
Test voltage 2000V
Operating temperature -10°C +70°C
CEI UNEL 36762 C-4 (Uo=400V) – CE / EN 50575:2014/A1.16
Smart code Item Number Section mm² Diameter mm. Weight Kg/Km
AC-004SS ALPVAN0422G2BIM01 4X0,22 3.50 16.00
AC-006SS ALPVAN0622G2BIM01 6X0,22 4.20 19.00
AC-008SS ALPVAN0822G2BIM01 8X0,22 4.40 26.00
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